Steak Fingers EP

by Fish Hands

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released November 27, 2014



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Fish Hands

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Track Name: Rope
[Verse 1]
Remembering the day you left
When you took your last breath
I had no experience with death
And I didn't know how to react

[Verse 2]
Riding in the car; Playing songs on cassette
I wish I could rewind or just forget
And now, I have to hit reset
And start all over without you

What were you thinking
When you went to sleep
Nobody knew that
Your pain was so deep
What was going on
When you lost all hope
I'm sure you found peace
At the end of your rope

[Verse 3]
Sometimes, I wish the pain would go
I tried to bury it long ago
But no matter how much dirt I throw
It digs it's way back up again

[Chorus] x2
Track Name: Roadkill
It's so absurd
And It's so amazing
That anyone can find pleasure in this terrible place
And it's so absurd
It's so amazing
That you continue to hold that stupid grin on your face
While one of God's creatures
Is crushed out in the road

I'm so confused
It's so amazing
This is your foundation on which you choose to stand
I'm so ashamed
And I'm so disgusted
That you could sit here pretending that it's all part of the plan
While another one of God's creatures
Sleeps under a bridge

Someday, I'll break
And I won't be silent
I'll finally tell you everything that you are doing wrong
I won't be ashamed
I won't be frightened
I'll stop you from perpetuating all those stupid lies
While another one of God's creatures
Learns to not pretend
Track Name: Sleep
Walking in the desert; almost dead
The summer sun is beating on my exposed head
I squint as I look at it's light
I'll be alright if I make it until the night

Going down this endless road
I've lost a few friends along the way
No one to talk to, At least that's how it seems
I'll be better when I retreat
To the safety of my dreams

I want to go to sleep

Looking down the corridors
Family pictures line the walls
Those little time machines don't cut it anymore
I'm grabbing my bags I'm going to pack
I'm leaving and I'm never coming back

Sprinting towards the finish line
I'll reflect on my journey
Remembering all of my regrets
The clock's hands keep marching forward
I am out of time

I want to go to sleep